Welcome everyone to the new home of All These Roadworks. If you’re new here, and wondering what’s going on, I’d strongly encourage you to read my statement on erotica and politics. (Short version: this is an erotica site, not a misogyny site. Enjoy the gender degradation fiction, then go out and build a respectful, consensual real-life world.)

A big welcome to all my former Patreon backers who are making the transition, and hello also to anyone new who’s joining us!

If you have any questions or problems, please email me at all.these.roadworks@gmail.com – I’m keen to make sure everyone gets a good experience and no one ends up inconvenienced while I get my head around running a WordPress shop.

Here’s a quick guide to some of what you can expect on the new site, going forward:


I’m currently offering two tiers of memberships: “stories” and “premium”. Stories is effectively a subscription to all the story collections released after the date you join. Premium is a subscription to everything currently on the site, including stuff released before you joined. Premium also comes with the “story request” perk I previously offered on Patreon.

If you purchase a subscription, you will receive an email at the address you supply during purchase, giving you access to a Google Drive folder containing your content. I have to do this manually so there may be a delay of up to 36 hours in getting your invite.

My site software offers an ability to give access to individual downloads to people directly through WordPress, but if there’s an easy way to say “give this product to everyone on this subscription tier”, I haven’t found it yet, so I’m sticking with Google Drive for that for now.

(I’m not clear on whether WordPress is asking you to enter an email address for this purpose, or if it’s just supplying me the one linked to your Paypal account. If you don’t receive an invite within 36 hours, please email me.)

At present, subscriptions will give you access to everything that was available to Patreon backers at the equivalent tier. I do NOT promise to keep making the old Patreon content available indefinitely, which is why the text on the subscription product pages is phrased the way it is. I need to do some work on that content before I can offer it directly for sale, including ensuring I have the right to sell all images that appear in the PDFs.

Story Collections

Purchases of individual story collections are handled directly through WordPress, and you should immediately get access to your collection upon purchase, through a link that enables you to download it through WordPress. If you have any difficulty with this process, please email me, because I need to ensure that this system is working and delivering people what they pay for.

Please note that story collections do not feature any digital rights management (DRM) and there is nothing to stop you copying them, sharing them, backing them up, or doing what you want with them. I strongly believe that digital products need to give purchasers the right to use their property the way that they want.

However, legally speaking, you do NOT have the right to re-sell, re-publish or re-distribute these files, and I’d ask you to refrain from doing so. If you want to see more work written and made available, please encourage others to visit my site and buy their own copy – they’re not very expensive.

I’ve got the two current collections on the site both priced at $3.99 USD. They’re quite different lengths, as you may have spotted. I’m not sure if this pricing is sustainable going forward – PayPal charges a flat fee for business account transactions that significantly discourages microtransactions, and other sites that sell short erotica e-books charge similar prices for much smaller documents. If you have thoughts as to collection pricing, now is a good time to tell me about them.

And finally on that, a quick reminder that collections do re-use and republish stories. The intent of the themed collections is to help people find stories that suit their kinks while avoiding (as far as possible) ones that don’t – so if a story fits in several themes, then it’s going to appear in several collections. You should check the full contents of each collection (available on its product page) if you’re worried about paying for too many double-ups.

Content schedule

In terms of new content on the site, here’s my plan:

* New story collections go live on the first three Fridays of each month.
* New Arth-Keros content goes live on the fourth Friday of the month.

If I don’t keep to this plan – i.e., publishing early or late – it will be treated as if I had for the purpose of members. That is, if you’re a member for a month, you will get three story collections and an Arth-Keros update, regardless of when your particular membership starts and finishes, and you won’t miss out if I miss a scheduled date..

Member-requested stories and BDSMLR updates will be a bit more scattershot as they need to work around my ability to write, which comes in bursts.

The money I make for writing doesn’t even come close to letting me quit my day job, so the day job unfortunately needs to come first.

In the immediate future, there’s almost certainly going to be a lot more collections going live this month and the next as I bring the old Patreon collections over to the new copyright-friendly format. Members who didn’t already have access to these can consider them a bonus for signing up early. Nevertheless, there will still be three new collections in each month (of which” Yes – Stories of Submission” is the first for this month).

Story requests

If you have bought a premium membership, you are entitled to a story request per month as part of this membership. I haven’t got the story request FAQ up yet, but the short version is:

  • you can request a sequel to an existing story; or
  • you can request a story in a kink theme you’ve previously seen me write about; or
  • you can request that an upcoming story feature a character with a name and up to two personal attributes of your choice. (i.e. “Sally, she’s a redhead, she works as a nurse.”)

Requests can’t be any more specific than that, as I need broad creative latitude to be able to write. (So if you’re requesting a story sequel, please don’t tell me what should be in the sequel.)

I reserve the right to decline a request for a variety of reasons (most commonly if I feel the story you’ve named doesn’t have room for a sequel, or if I feel that your request results in creating porn about a non-consenting real person). In these cases I will negotiate with you for an alternate request or, if necessary, refund your relevant month of membership.

Premium members who were not already qualifying Patreon members should get in touch with me by email about their request. Or otherwise I’ll be chasing this up shortly when I get around to this phase of the site.

Donation policy

If you didn’t read it on my “erotica and politics” page, please be aware that I’ve made a pledge that in any month that this site earns over $300 in profit, I will donate 5% of profits to a women’s charity. I consider this to be a responsible part of producing gender degradation erotica without supporting a gender degradation culture. If you don’t support this practice, then I’m comfortable with not having you as a customer.

I’m willing to take suggestions on charities, but I already have some pretty good ideas locally of where I’d like to donate. Those charities are unlikely to want their name appearing on this site, so I may not name where the donations are specifically going, but I’m intending to report on total amounts donated and the general types of work the relevant charities are doing.

Other work for the site

There’s a lot more I need to do on the site. I need to implement some more active “only proceed if you are aged 18 or over” warnings. (And, by the way, if you’re not 18 or over, then please close this site immediately.) I need to do some compliance work generally around tax and bookkeeping to support the site if it turns out to be commercially profitable.

If you’d like to contribute artwork or design to the site or its publications, either for free or for affordable commercial rates (they’d need to be very affordable) please feel free to get in touch.

Please be aware that WordPress has a very clear policy around hosting pornography – it’s not happy to host pornography, but very clearly defines pornography as “visual depictions of sexual activity”. Text is fine. Suggestive imagery is fine. Nudity is fine. Penetration, bodily fluids and oral sex is out, and I won’t be associating imagery of that kind with this site. (Although you can still find it over on BDSMLR.)


There are no planned changes to my BDSMLR output. (Go check it out here.) Short stories will continue to publish there before being collected into collections. They will still be paired with images, which are used on a sharing / fair use basis until such time as I receive an objection. The images appearing on BDSMLR will not appear in content created for, or published on, WordPress.

Images on this site

All images on this site, or publications sold on it, are used based on a reasonable positive belief that they have been made available under a Creative Commons Zero licence allowing unrestricted commercial use without attribution. I choose not to attribute the image creators on the basis they may object to their names appearing on this site.

If you believe you hold copyright in any image on this site, please email me and I will immediately take it down. If you are the author of any image on this site and would like attribution, please likewise contact me and I will either arrange attribution or remove the image.

If you are depicted in an image on this site and would prefer to not have your image associated with this site, regardless of the image licence, please contact me and I will remove the image.

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