Amy Hapgood had spent a month researching her piece on web cam models. She had talked to nearly two dozen women who took their clothes off on camera for money, and led them to believe that she was writing a sensitive, nuanced piece that would empower and respect them.

Instead, the final article she turned in for her tabloid website was called “e-Whores: How Teen Sluts Make Money Online By Betraying Their Gender”. The article suggested that the women exploited their male customers by offering sex that they would never deliver on – and then listed the real names and home addresses of the women Amy had talked to, as part of a not-so-subtle suggestion that men should visit them and force them to perform the sex acts they only teased at online.

The article was a huge success, generating millions of clicks – and millions more once reports surfaced that most of the women in the article had, indeed, been raped after publication, and every site on the internet started discussing the morality of Amy’s journalism, and linking back to the original article.

It was Amy’s most successful piece of writing, and she felt very proud of it. She was planning to follow it up with an article about schoolgirl cockteases who used their looks to breeze through their education.

But those plans were halted when Amy was abducted one night from her house by masked assailants…


She woke in a small, well-lit room. In the centre of the room was a bed, which she was lying on – completely nude. Facing the bed was a camera and a large screen. The screen was showing video of herself, with a chat window to one side. At the foot of the bed, there was a large dildo mounted onto a metal frame, facing the bed.

To the left was a door. It was heavy and metal. Amy got up and tried to open it. It was locked from the other side. There was a wide slot in the middle of the door – like a parcel slot – but it too was closed and locked.

There were no windows in the room.

Turning around, Amy saw that there were words painted above the bed, facing the camera. They read as follows:

This is Amy Hapgood.

She is NOT here of her own free will.

She made a small fortune by causing the rape of 18 young, innocent women.

She deserves what is happening to her.

 As Amy stared at it, she realised her pussy felt funny. She looked down and saw that her labia had been pierced while she was asleep, and a small metal stud had been placed through each of her cunt lips.

Amy whimpered. She didn’t understand what was happening – but she was starting to have an idea, and she didn’t like it.

She looked at the chat window. There were messages appearing.

 xxBitch_Tamerxx: hey she’s awake

CuntAbuser33: check out those choice tits

master-aaron: think she’s really a captive??

xxBitch_Tamerxx: she looks scared

fun4all87: hope she is unwilling, makes it hot

Then a further message:

CuntAbuser33: HEY BITCH give us a better look at your fuckbags

Amy blushed. “If I do, will you let me go?” she asked, out loud.

CuntAbuser33: i don’t have anything to do with this. Just found the link to this cam online.

xxBitch_Tamerxx: me too. link promised hot bimbo bitches. I was not disappointed.

Call_Me_Sir: show us your tits and I’ll tip you.

Amy didn’t know what to do. Hesitantly, she put her hands under her naked breasts and lifted them up to the camera.

master-aaron: god look at the udders on that cow

Then suddenly a computerised voice spoke. “You are about to receive a tip,” it said. “Place your mouth on the cock. Make sure to swallow. There will be consequences if you do not swallow.”

Amy was confused. She moved closer to the cock at the end of the bed, but was reluctant to put her mouth on it.

Then there was a tone – a happy, bright tone that suggested money falling into a glass jar. A moment later, the cock squirted sticky white liquid from its tip. It splashed on Amy’s face and tits, and she recoiled. Then she screamed – because an electric shock had gone off in her cunt, from the two studs in her labia, and the pain was agonising. She almost wet herself.

“You will receive another chance,” said the computerised voice, without emotion. “Place your mouth on the cock. Make sure to swallow. There will be consequences if you do not swallow.”

On the edge of tears, Amy scrambled across the bed to the cock, and put her mouth on it, taking its tip between her lips. A moment later, the “tip jar” sound played again, and then the cock squirted white liquid into her mouth. It tasted foul, but she swallowed as quickly as she could.

“Good slut,” said the computerised voice. “The liquid you have just swallowed is a mixture of horse semen, nutritious proteins and vitamins, and an addictive drug.”

Amy felt sick. Horse semen? Addictive drugs?

“All tips must go into your body,” said the voice. “If you choose to receive the tip in your mouth, it will be horse cum, nutrients, and the addictive drug. If you choose to receive it in your cunt, it will be live human semen, capable of impregnating you.”

And that was all the voice said.

There were messages on the screen.

xxBitch_Tamerxx: stupid slut wasted the first load

CuntAbuser33: push the spilled cum up your pussy and I’ll tip you again

But instead Amy crawled off the bed, onto the floor, trying to hide from the camera. She refused to look at it.

After a few minutes, the computerised voice said, “This feed is ending. Next show will begin in twelve hours.” And the screen went blank.


For 12 hours, Amy tried to escape the room. But if there was a way out, she could not find it. A vent in the ceiling provided ventilation, but it was bolted in place even if Amy could have reached it. The door was solid, metal and locked.

She thought about attacking or damaging the camera and the screen, but they looked surprisingly solid, and she couldn’t help but feel scared of damaging what was, so far, her only way of communicating with the outside world. 

She slept a little for a while, but woke again, and when she did, there was no denying it. She was hungry – and, more importantly, she was thirsty.

She found herself looking at the cock at the end of the bed. However gross its ejaculation had been, it had been liquid. And nutritious, the voice had said.

Suddenly the computerised voice spoke. “Live feed beginning. Take your position.” 

And moments later, the screen came to life. Once again, it showed the feed from the camera. Amy was nude, on the bed, and comments appeared in the chat box.

xxBitch_Tamerxx: i told you she’d be back.

DannyBoy1995: I looked her up. I think that’s really her.

TitsForAll: looks like she’s been crying – fuck that’s hot

“Yes, I’m Amy Hapgood!” Amy exclaimed. “I’m not here willingly! Someone abducted me! Please, get help! Tell the police!”

TitsForAll: lol no

CuntAbuser33: last time she showed me her tits for money. It’s all part of the act.

DannyBoy1995: She wrote an article about camgirls, and all the girls she wrote about got raped. If someone’s abducted her, she deserves it.

xxBitch_Tamerxx: who cares? she’s more fun as a cam whore than a journalist anyway

DannyBoy1995: Where are you, Amy?

Amy looked around, but there were no answers. “I don’t know,” she admitted.

DannyBoy1995: Then we can’t help you anyway.

TitsForAll: jiggle your tits for us bitch

CuntAbuser33: show us your cunt. spread it for us.

Amy blushed. She couldn’t believe that her life rested in the hands of these disgusting internet trolls. They were probably ugly teenagers living in their mother’s basements. She would never normally give them the time of day.

But she was thirsty. And she wanted them to like her, so that maybe they’d help her.

She awkwardly cupped her tits, and jiggled them a little for the camera.

TitsForAll: fuck yeah titties

xxBitch_Tamerxx: bitches say they’re journalists but when you tell them to jiggle their tits they find it so easy and natural

TitsForAll: lol

Amy listened for the noise she wanted – the tip jar – but there was nothing. She pursed her lips unhappily. It seemed “TitsForAll” was a cheapskate.

CuntAbuser33: I told you to spread your cunt for us, bitch. Do you want us to log off?

 Amy’s eyes widened. She leaned back on the bed, spread her legs, and used her fingers to pull her pussy lips apart, showing the camera the pink flesh inside her pussy.

CuntAbuser33: Now you’re learning. You’re showing us the only important parts of you now. Fucking whore.

And then there was the sound Amy had been waiting for – the tip jar. Eagerly, she crawled towards the foot of the bed and put her mouth over the cock. A moment later, it ejaculated horse cum and drugs down her throat, and Amy swallowed hungrily.

TitsForAll: cocksucking whore

xxBitch_Tamerxx: slut

DannyBoy1995: For someone who made fun of cam girls, she’s very eager to show us her cunt and suck that dildo.

CuntAbuser33: say you’re a dumb whore who deserves to be raped

Amy blushed. “Please,” she begged. “Tell someone what’s happened to me. Get help. I don’t want to be here.”

CuntAbuser33: I’ll tell people you’re here if you say you’re a dumb whore who deserves to be raped. And play with your pussy.

Amy lowered her fingers to her pussy, blushed, and began to rub it. “I’m a dumb whore who deserves to be raped,” she said, humiliated.

CuntAbuser33: fuck yeah. I recorded that. That’s a keeper.

“You said you’d tell people I was here!” objected Amy.

CuntAbuser33: absolutely. I’m posting that footage of you saying you deserve to be raped to all the forums I’m on, and linking to this site. Get you lots of new fans.

 Amy’s face reddened in embarrassment.

 CuntAbuser33: say “thank you for telling the world I’m a whore, sir”, and I’ll tip you

 Amy was silent for a moment. But she was still thirsty. “Thank you for telling the world I’m a whore, sir,” she said, finally.

The tip jar made its sound. Amy clamped her lips on the cock, and soon was swallowing a mouthful of horse cum mixture again.

xxBitch_Tamerxx: now fuck the cock

CuntAbuser33: yes. Fuck the cock, bitch

TitsForAll: fuck yes. fuck the cock.

She didn’t want to fuck the cock. She turned away from the screen, feeling dirty.

TitsForAll: have you guys tried the “punish” button yet?

xxBitch_Tamerxx: yeah but it costs like five times as much as a tip though

CuntAbuser33: I can afford it. Reckon she needs to be punished?

TitsForAll: fuck the cock, cumrag

But Amy saw none of this, because she had turned away from the screen.

CuntAbuser33: let’s see what the punish button does

Amy shrieked as the studs in her labia gave her an electric shock. She turned back to the screen in horror.

CuntAbuser33: fuck the cock, bitch.

Defeated, Amy turned and backed towards the cock on all fours. She felt it probe against her pussy – and suddenly realised her cunt was wet. Not gushing, but well-lubricated. How was she aroused? She should be dry as a desert after all this abuse and humiliation.

But there was no denying the way that the dildo slipped easily between her cunt-lips and into her wet, eager fucktunnel.

If she looked over her shoulder, she could just see the chat messages on the screen.

DannyBoy1995: If you cum, I’ll tip you.

TitsForAll: fuck the cock like the dumb whore you are

She began to pump her hips against the fake cock. It felt good. It felt better than anything had felt since this nightmare began. She bucked, and bucked, and soon she felt an orgasm approaching.

CuntAbuser33: look at her go. natural fucktoy

xxBitch_Tamerxx: check out how wet she is. what a whore

And then she was cumming – cumming hard against the cock. Her body shook, and she moaned.

The tip jar made its noise – and a moment later, she felt hot, sticky liquid spurt into her womb.

Live human sperm, the voice had said. Capable of impregnating her. She moaned in horror.

And at that moment, the computerised voice said, “This feed is ending. Next show will begin in eight hours.” 

And the screen went blank.

She lay there on all fours, the cock still buried in her pussy. She wanted to cry. She also kind of wanted to keep fucking the cock and see if she could cum again.

But she did neither of those things. Instead, she pulled herself off the cock. And then she began digging the cum out of her pussy, and transferring it to her mouth. Because, after all, a meal was a meal, and she didn’t know how often she would be being fed.

And she was beginning to get a good idea that she would have to *work* for her meals…


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