Female sexuality was a balancing act, said Pastor Williams, in his regular sermon to the young men and women of Birming Lake.

Clearly, sex was natural. Women were born with a womb, and tits, and a cunt, so that men could fuck them, both for the man’s pleasure, and so that the woman could be impregnated and bear a child.

But at the same time, it was sinful for women to *enjoy* sex. A woman who enjoyed sex was in danger of going to hell. A female orgasm was practically a written invitation to the devil.

And yet women needed to become aroused for sex, so that their pussy would be lubricated to aid their man to fuck them.

So women needed to perform the difficult balancing act of being easily aroused, and yet experiencing misery when they were actually fucked.

The Birming Lake Church ran workshops for young churchgoers to help with these problems. The young women were taken for a week-long retreat where they were trained through hypnosis, stimulation, punishment, sleep deprivation and sexual abuse to become humiliatingly aroused at a range of potential triggers.

Meanwhile the young men were taken and taught how to abuse and degrade a woman during sex so that she would start to cry, no matter how aroused she was, and then encouraged to practice on some of the mature women of the congregation.

Some girls were naturally skilled, and excelled at learning to encourage and be aroused for the rapes that they knew would inevitably leave them sobbing. These lucky girls always ended up as the brides of the most desirable men in town.

But some girls just couldn’t get it right. And for these girls, the only option was pharmaceutical – powerful aphrodisiacs that would keep them horny and stupid all day long. And all too often for these girls the drugs would cause them to masturbate uncontrollably, frequently orgasming. And even when they were raped, and abused, they would orgasm again.

After a dozen or so of these orgasms, it would be generally agreed that these girls were going to hell, no matter what they did – and so they may as well service the town as free-use whores, for whoever wanted to use them.

The church never completely gave up on them, though. And so every morning the pastor would gather the girls at the front of the church, and strip them naked, and whip their tits and pussies with a belt.

It might be enough to get them into heaven, the pastor supposed.

But at the very least, it would form an important lesson to the other girls in town about the importance of performing the balancing act.


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