The latest reality show from the makers of Teasers and Rape Babies was “Breeders’ Manor”, and its multi-million dollar prize pool and lavish production values made every young woman want to take part. The winners of previous seasons had their own fashion and perfume lines – it was every girl’s dream.

Contestants were selected on the basis of their youth, beauty and – importantly – fertility. Once a girl passed a battery of tests to determine that she was capable of conceiving a child, she signed a selection of forms, agreeing to the conditions of the show and waiving her rights to bring lawsuits or make rape allegations.

Then the 24 successful young women were taken to Breeders’ Manor, a sprawling opulent mansion located on immaculately landscaped grounds. While at the manor, they were dressed in the sexiest, most expensive clothing; accommodated in lushly appointed private suites; and given free run of the very best food and alcohol the world had to offer.

Of course, the food and drink was laced with drugs, which increased the women’s fertility, heightened their sex drive, and reduced their decision-making capacity. Locked in the manor, their cunts wet and their brains muddled, the girls were given to drama, ditziness and passionate lesbian sex – all of which was captured in explicit detail by the camera team, both with handheld and hidden cameras.

But the central gimmick of Breeders’ Mansion occurred once each fortnight, when the girls were gathered for the Breeder’s Challenge. Every challenge presented an opportunity for the girls to fall pregnant, in a way that would be humiliating to explain to anyone afterwards. 

Any girl who did fall pregnant was off the show. The conditions of her contract required her to carry the baby to term, required her to attend daily painful and humiliating public milkings of her breasts (the show sold bottles of the girl’s breast milk as premium tie-in merchandising) – and of course her waiver of her right to make rape allegations lasted until she gave birth. The show would regularly publish updates of the whereabouts of the pregnant girls, so that anyone who wanted to use them could find and rape them.

But a girl who could last six months – 12 impregnation attempts – without conceiving a baby would win a share of the lucrative prize pool, along with fashion and advertising contracts sufficient to start a personal celebrity empire.

Fortnight one is simple enough. Each girl takes turns going into the camera confessional booth. Once inside, they strip naked and face an automated camera, sitting with their tits uncovered and legs spread. In front of them is a box, containing a condom full of recently ejaculated sperm, and a list of the names of seven men in their life, chosen by the show’s research team.

The girl finds that the seven names include her closest male relatives, her closest male friends, and any male employer. The girl simply needed to open the condom, push the contents up her pussy, and masturbate it into her womb, while reading from the list. For each name on the list, she is instructed to look at the camera, and describe the way she thinks that man would most enjoy using her to ejaculate.

Some girls balk at this – but their contract stipulates if they pull out before completing the first challenge, they’ll owe the show a stupendous amount of money, and the condom will be forced up their pussy anyway. Most girls blush, many are completely humiliated, but invariably they all go through with it.

“Daddy,” a girl might say, blushing, “I think you’d most enjoy it if I sucked on your dick. To my brother Toby – I know you like anal sex with your girlfriends, so I think you might enjoy fucking my ass. To my friend Gary – I know we’ve known each other since kindergarten; I think you might really like to ejaculate inside my pussy.”

At the end of each fortnight the girls are gathered for the Breeding Circle. Each girl is led naked out to a campfire, where they each urinate on camera onto a pregnancy test. The girls who discover they are pregnant inevitably burst into tears, realising they have ruined their life and humiliated themselves for nothing. Meanwhile, the non-pregnant girl who degraded herself the most that week receives the Good Girl Prize – an immediate cash bonus, and she gets to choose one of the losing girls to either rape herself, or watch being raped by the camera crew. After all the drama and lust of the fortnight, the fortnight’s Good Girl inevitably has someone they want to get revenge on, and their violation forms the capstone of the episode.

Over the credits, the teary losers reflect on what sluts they have been, how stupid they were, and what they will do now that they are nothing more than lactating breeders.

In fortnight two, the girls dress up in slutty clubwear, with no underwear, and hit the town. They have to last to 1 am in a popular nightclub, following four simple rules:<ul><li>They can’t refuse a man’s attention.</li><li>They have to drink any drink bought for them.</li><li>If a man buys them a drink, they have to pay exclusive attention to him until another man buys them a drink – and rub the man’s cock through his pants as he talks.</li><li>They have to tell any man who buys them a drink that they have rape fantasies, and that they like men who don’t take no for an answer.</li></ul>

Almost all the girls end the night being raped – sometimes multiple times. Very few of the men use protection, and inevitably, at the end of the fortnight, more girls find themselves pregnant.

In fortnight three, the remaining girls are paired off in couples. Each girl is set up on a series of dates with the male relatives of their partner. Over three nights, she dates three of her partner’s male relatives. Her goal is to get them to cum inside her, and convince them to cooperate in getting their daughter, granddaughter, sister or cousin pregnant. The girl’s incentive to succeed is that if she fails to convince at least one of the men to turn on their relative, she will spend the entire weekend being raped non-stop by forty hired men, leaving her almost certainly pregnant and off the show.

Watching a girl cocktease a man into agreeing to impregnate his own daughter – knowing that her own father is receiving the same treatment, and agreeing to the same thing – is always one of the most popular attractions of Breeders’ Manor.

Those men who agree to take part are moved into luxury hotels and provided with an attractive prostitute. They are then “milked” for their cum several times a day by the prostitute, who sucks them off or gives them handjobs while they watch pornographic footage of their daughters or sisters provided by the show. Their cum is stored for later weeks.

In fortnight four, for the duration of the fortnight each girl is given a condom of viable sperm every day, and challenged to get it into the pussy of another contestant by any means necessary. If she hasn’t succeeded by the next morning, she’s forced to drink it, and an equivalent amount of fresh sperm is pushed up her own cunt.

In fortnight five, the girls spend their time coming up with degrading names for themselves (like “Jiggletits Cumdrinker” or “Bitchtwat the Cow”), and degrading sex acts to be performed on themselves (like having their cunt fucked with a toilet scrubbing brush), and then record a video for men who know them where they encourage the men to call them by those names and perform those acts on them. The girl who makes the most degrading video wins an instant cash prize and immunity from the week’s challenge… but every girl who loses from this point on will be required to legally change her name to the name she has come up with, and be filmed taking part in the sex act she proposed.

The challenge of the fortnight is the “Breeding Olympics”. Each girl strips naked, and has a water balloon filled with the cum of their male relative carefully pushed into their pussy. The girls are then required to take part in a range of competitions – beach volleyball, races, tug of war – while trying to avoid popping the balloon in their pussies. The losers of each game have their tits and ass caned or spanked.

This is always a popular episode. The audience loves watching some of the girls discover they have fallen pregnant to their own father, and are carrying their own half-sister in their womb. They adore watching the crying girls fill out the paperwork to legally change their name to “Suckledick Moocow” or “Spermudders Rapejoy”. 

Fortnight six is the “Gate of Sluts”. Each of the girls is now scheduled to be raped once each day. If, on any raping, the girl orgasms from her rape, she is entitled to pass through the “Gate of Sluts” – a big symbolic archway erected for the occasion – and is immune from further rapings. Girls who fail to cum continue being raped each day until they learn how, or until the fortnight ends. Practically speaking, any girl who hasn’t cum by the end of the fortnight has almost certainly been impregnated.

Fortnight seven is the Daddy-Daughter team-up. Each girl teams up with her male relative (who may be her father, or her brother, or grandfather, or uncle). The girl has 48 hours to get as much cum as possible out of her relative. The girls will be ranked on how much cum they produce, and the entire supply will go into the pussies of the 30% of girls who produce the least.  However, after the first time a girl gets her relative to ejaculate, she is no longer allowed to use her hands. Girls desperate to avoid being impregnated will suck their brother or uncle’s cock, rub their tits against it, and maybe even let them penetrate their anus or pussy….

Fortnight eight is the Gangbang Encounter. Each girl is locked in a room with six men, with no limits or repercussions of their behaviour. If the girl doesn’t want each man to repeatedly ejaculate in her pussy, she has to think fast and make attractive offers to provide them something more entertaining than merely raping her cunt and impregnating her. A girl will eagerly offer her mouth and anus, beg to be tortured, and even offer to act as the men’s toilet, all to avoid having them cum in her pussy.

Fortnight nine is the Sleeping Beauties. The girls are drugged every evening, so they will sleep through the night. They lie in their beds naked, and the producers bring men in to play with them. The men are drawn from all the people who know the girls in their daily life. They can do anything they want with the sleeping girls. If they want to be nice to the girl, they can cum on her face and tits. But if they want to, they can fuck the girl in the pussy and cum inside her. The girls are totally reliant on the mercy of the men who know them – and they will never know who has fucked them, or ejaculated on them, during this fortnight. Girls who fall pregnant here go home knowing that the father is someone they know and see regularly – but with no idea exactly who.

Fortnight ten is the Lesbian Wrestling Challenge. The girls are paired up in a series of naked wrestling bouts. Each time a girl gets her opponent to submit, or to orgasm, an attendant steps forward, forces the loser’s legs open, and uses an insemination syringe to squirt one ejaculation of her male relative’s cum up her fuckhole into her womb. The first girl to get her opponent inseminated three times wins the match. Winners are allowed out of the competition. Losers are forced into further matches against other losers. At this stage the remaining girls can sense the possibility of ultimate victory, and are vicious and ruthless in torturing and raping one another.

Fortnight eleven is Beauty and the Beast. The girls are given a simple choice – be raped by ten different men, each of whom will ejaculate into her cunt. Or otherwise, push a single condom of live sperm up her pussy, and then spend one night nude and shackled on all fours in a “presenting” position, with a large horny male dog.

Only one fortnight from victory, most girls choose to minimise their chances of pregnancy, and select the dog. Sometimes it rapes them. Sometimes it doesn’t. But regardless of whether it does, any girl who chooses the dog and then falls pregnant from the single condom of human sperm is required under her contract to thereafter take part in a “wedding”, where she purports to become married to the dog, and to tell people until she delivers the baby that she was impregnated by a male dog, and that she’s breeding a litter of puppies.

At the beginning of the final fortnight, any remaining girls are stripped naked and fitted with a plastic device that spreads their vagina wide open and prevents them from fully closing their legs. A vibrating capsule is clamped to their clitoris. They are then placed, along with the other girls, in a large wading pool filled with sticky white sperm, deep enough to submerge them when lying down. Sperm floods into their fucktunnels. The arousal from the vibrating clitoris clamp helps provoke their cunts to spasm, guiding the sperm into their wounds.

Each thirty seconds, the girls are expected to open their mouths to swallow a mouthful of the cum in the pool. When a girl is no longer able to swallow a mouthful without being sick, she is pulled out of the pool, until only one girl is left. That girl is declared the winner of the challenge, and wins a share of money whether she has been impregnated or not. The remaining cum in the pool is then slowly pumped into the wombs of the losers over the course of the next three days.

At this point, there is rarely any girl remaining who is not pregnant – although girls who legitimately aren’t pregnant receive the prizes they were promised. But with a fortnight remaining in the girls’ contracts, it is now time for the production crew of the show to repeatedly rape the girls without consequence. Their male relatives are also invited to use the girls however they like. 

Last season’s “winner” was Milktits Babymaker. She made it all the way to the final fortnight without falling pregnant, but was knocked up by the pool of cum. However, she swallowed more sperm than the only other girl remaining, who also fell pregnant, so she took the glory and the money. She was a huge crowd favourite – people regularly paid large sums to see her being painfully milked on stage, and her milk sold on Ebay for small fortunes. 

Her leaking tits and bulging belly dressed in the finest designer slutwear, she was the inspiration for an entire cohort of women who looked at her on celebrity websites and fashion labels and said, “I hope I get picked for the next season of Breeders’ Manor!”


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