Desiree and Phaedra wanted only the best for their lesbian wedding, so they insisted on world-famous photographer Frederick Molles to capture their ceremony in pictures.

They had to sign a special contract to get him, which gave him exclusive rights to document every aspect of their happy day, and they had to pay a small fortune to retain him, but they were sure it was all worth it.

On the day, everything was perfect.  The ceremony was flawless, the reception was a joy, and as midnight came around, the happy newlyweds went to leave in their rented limousine.

The problem came when the photographer, Molles, tried to join them in the vehicle.

“What do you think you’re doing?” demanded Desiree.

“Coming with you,” said Molles.  “The wedding isn’t over yet.  We still have the wedding night.”

“I don’t think so,” sneered Phaedra.

“It’s right here in your contract,” said Molles.  “I have the exclusive right to document every aspect of your wedding.  And while state law is now wonderful enough to allow lesbian weddings, it still contains an old-fashioned clause specifying that the wedding is only complete when the marriage is consummated.”  He paused, and then added, “In case you’re too young to understand that word, it means the wedding isn’t over until you fuck.”

“You can’t be serious!” exclaimed Desiree.

“Absolutely I am,” said Molles.  “I don’t know how much you think it costs to get a world-class photographer to cover your wedding, but you got a substantial discount on me because the contract was all-inclusive.  If I don’t get to photograph you fucking, you’ll owe me another three million dollars – both for the proper cost of today’s event, and for the other opportunities I passed up to be here tonight.”

The girls quailed.  They couldn’t afford even a quarter of a million dollars, let alone three million.  And the authoritative and confident way that Molles was speaking left them in no doubt that what he was saying was the unvarnished truth.  They *had* contracted for this.

And so they let him into their limousine, and took him up to their hotel room, and then, blushing with humiliation and shaking with nervousness, they began to undress for him, as he used his camera to document every part of their shame.  

Then they climbed onto the bed and began to explore each other’s bodies.  It wasn’t their first time having sex – they were modern girls, after all – but it was certainly their first time having sex in front of a man, and their first time being photographed while doing so.  

Desiree was sure it would be terribly awkward – but she noted with surprise that Phaedra’s nipples were hard, her face flushed with more than just embarrassment – and when her hands descended to Phaedra’s pussy, she found her new wife so wet that her merest touch made her hands come away dripping with cunt-slime.  

“Are you… aroused by this?” she asked her wife.

Phaedra just blushed and looked away.

“Is it… him?” asked Desiree.  “Are you turned on by a man watching?”

“No,” said Phaedra, quietly.  “It’s the embarrassment.  It’s not being in control.  I can’t help it.  When I’m treated like a slut, or an object, I just get… like this…”

And suddenly Desiree was wet too, because this was exactly what she had always wanted from Phaedra, and never dared to ask for.  It was Phaedra’s blush, her shyness, that had first attracted Desiree, and to hear her confess to a desire to be humiliated and objectified was Phaedra’s fondest wish.

Her own reluctance vanished, and she took every opportunity to display her wife for the enjoyment of Molles, telling Phaedra to spread her pussy for the nice man, to pout for the camera, to let the man see her tits and her anus.  Each new request took Phaedra to new heights of humiliation – and when Desiree noted that Phaedra’s pussy was leaving visible wet patches on the bedcovers, that only made her more ashamed – and more wet.

This foreplay ended with both girls being completely overcome with lust, and eagerly beginning to lick at each other’s pussies as Molles documented the whole scene.

Finally, Desire rolled off her wife’s naked body, after having enjoyed four orgasms from her wife’s tongue, and having given Phaedra five in return.

“What will you do with these photos?” she asked Molles.

“Well, they will go in your official wedding photo book,” said Molles, “and in your contract you asked for a copy of that book to go to every guest.  And I intend to display them in my next public exhibition, entitled ‘Bridal Lust’.  It will be held at the national gallery and I expect that well over two million people will see the photos.”

“You can’t,” whispered Desiree, horrified.

‘I can’,” said Molles.  “It’s in the contract.”  He smiled.  “But how about I make you a little wager?”

“What is it?” asked Desiree.

He motioned to his pants – where a raging erection is visible.  “You’ve been quite the cockteases tonight,” he said.  “The wager is this.  You let me fuck the both of you until I ejaculate inside you.  You’re lesbians, so I assume this will be horrible for you – and indeed, if neither of you respond to my penetration, you will win the wager and I will delete the photos I have just taken.”

He unzipped his pants and took out his cock.  “But if either of you orgasm from my cock, then I do just as I have said with the photos, and distribute them to your guests, and exhibit them in a gallery.”

Desiree stared at the cock, entranced.  She *was* a lesbian.  She didn’t want to fuck a man.  But she couldn’t have those photos of her licking her wife’s pussy go to her family, and friends, and…

“All right,” she agreed.  And she turned around and raised herself onto all fours, presenting her pussy for the photographer to fuck.

As it turned out, Molles had a fair bit of stamina, and managed to fuck them both for close to an hour, taking turns in each of their vaginas, before finally ejaculating into Phaedra’s cunt.

And as it turned out, they weren’t very good lesbians, because Phaedra orgasmed three times – the last being when Molles spurted his sperm up her fuckhole into her unprotected womb, and Desiree came twice, the first being when Molles first forced his cock inside her.

So as it turned out, all their friends and family *did* see the photos.  The consolation, at least, was that Phaedra was sopping wet from humiliation for six months, and it resulted in some very excellent sex for the newlyweds.

And when Phaedra turned out to be pregnant, everyone knew who the father was, and how it had happened.  

They invited Molles back to document the pregnancy.  It only seemed fair.  And they began it by letting him fuck Desiree repeatedly, so that the girls could be pregnant together.


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