Jenny was bisexual, but she’d lied to her last girlfriend, a gold-standard lesbian, that she’d never date a man. Her girlfriend, sceptical, and also a psych major, had done a little playing with Jenny’s head when she wasn’t looking, playing subliminals to her while she slept over many months until Jenny had a set of unbreakable triggers in her head, a time bomb for if she ever proved untrue.

They eventually broke up, and Jenny almost immediately found herself flirting with a cute guy. She arranged a date – and that was when her ex-girlfriend’s triggers took over.

“On your first date with any man, you will meet him with your cunt and tits exposed, and spread your pussy for him, all without realising you’re doing it. You will encourage him to photograph you in this state and keep the photos.”

“On your date you will tell him all your most embarrassing and humiliating sexual fantasies. You will also tell him you fantasise about three things that in reality disgust or scare you, and maintain that these turn you on for the duration of your relationship with him. You will get wet and orgasm if these are done to you, but you will not be any less disgusted or scared by them.”

“You will do everything in your power to get him to fuck you, unprotected, whether you want to be fucked or not. You will encourage him to call you ‘bitch’ or ‘slut’ instead of your name, and you will teach him to slap you across the face whenever he is displeased with you. You will give him a key to your house.”

Her ex-girlfriend had expected that these humiliating instructions would have Jenny back at her door, begging to have her mind fixed, within days of meeting a man.

That never happened, though, for as much as her uncontrollable new behaviour with men scared and humiliated Jenny, the orgasms she had from teaching men to treat her like a whore were more powerful than anything she’d ever had with a girl…


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