With abortions outlawed, there was no option for most pregnant teen girls except to carry their baby to term – and with incidence of rape on the rise, there were more pregnant teens every day.

But there was hope for these young expectant mothers in the passing of the Birthing (Interim Costs of Treatment and Healthcare) Act, known as the BITCH Act. Under this scheme, the government would loan the young mother the full costs of her pre and post-natal medical care. Upon birth, the mother could keep the child and receive an allowance to assist her for the first year of the baby’s life, or seek the government’s help in putting the baby up for adoption.

However, the money *was* a loan, and the scheme compelled the young mother to follow the directions of a case counsellor in obtaining the money to repay it. And for most of these women – young, unskilled, often with their schooling uncompleted – what they were directed into was prostitution.

Tiffany, for instance – pregnant with the baby of her sister’s boyfriend, after he had raped her at a school party – found herself being directed to drop out of her final year of school in order to service an average of 12 men a day. As she was unable to refuse, her case counsellor was able to set her prices scandalously low, and then skim 20% of the profit into his own pocket, leaving her with barely enough money to live on and very little to pay back against her loan. As her belly and tits swelled with the progression of pregnancy, she slowly settled into the life of a full-time fuckpuppet.

There was a healthy market both in breast milk, and in watching women being degraded to produce it, so once the girls began lactating their case counsellors would have them connected to vigorous milking machines whenever they weren’t being fucked – and many johns would leave them connected, enjoying the feeling of fucking these pregnant teen cows while they moaned with the pain of having milk extracted from their sensitive udders.

Once the girls had delivered their babies, they would need to keep fucking to pay off their debt – and at this point their counsellors would allow clients to pay extra to fuck the girls unprotected. Inevitably, the girls would end up re-impregnated, forcing them to take out another Bitch Act loan and condemning them an inescapable cycle of pregnancy and degradation.

When the plight of these girls came to public attention, the government enacted one final policy change to help these poor unfortunates. There were more than a few men interested in helping a girl out of the cycle of Bitch Act poverty by paying out her entire loan debt – especially after fucking her a few times and wanting more. However, these men often wanted some return on their investment, and the pregnant girls had nothing to give.

So the government changed the law to allow these girls to legally sell themselves into permanent slavery. Now any girl could dream of getting out of the pregnancy prostitution industry by making herself the property of a single wealthy abuser. Or alternatively, by paying a hefty premium, a buyer could negotiate directly with the girl’s case counsellor to purchase her, whether she consented or not. The change was hailed as a triumph for women’s rights.

Tiffany found herself purchased by a wealthy businessman who, as a client, had always turned up the suction on her breast pumps to painful levels before raping her. Once she had been transferred to a kennel on his property, she learned that he had been frustrated by an instruction that clients were not allowed to leave bruises on the girls. Now that he didn’t have to share her, he explained, he was looking forward to introducing her slutty milk-filled tits to exactly what he could do to them with his leather belt…


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  1. Oh I love it, I’d like to be kept pregnant from my now 18 yo until i’m at least 45. And if any man would like to own me and do whatever thye’d like, they can. I wouldn’t object to getting my tits enlarged into gigantic cow udders, if that was What my owner wanted. I don’t like anal at all, but I’m smart enough to understand that men like that more than a sloppy cunt, so i’d protest to it but not object. If you feel like you need to beat me up, I would understand, sir. /Ellie

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