Casey would always invite her pretty female friends into her bedroom when they visited, and those friends would always end up scandalised when Casey would then immediately bare her tits and cunt to them.

Then, while they were shocked and blushing and not thinking clearly, Casey would threaten to tell their mutual acquaintances how the friend had *begged* Casey to show her pussy, practically demanding that Casey strip naked for the friend’s sexual gratification.

And the friend would blush, and beg Casey not to say that. And so Casey would demand that her friend undress as well, watching with a smile as the pretty girl undressed herself.

And then Casey would photograph her. And as soon as that first photograph was taken, both Casey and her friend would know that the friend was Casey’s property now. She would do what she was told to avoid public humiliation. 

“Please,” she would beg. “Don’t share that photo. What do I have to do?”

“Well,” Casey would say, “you can start by kneeling. And then you can start learning to lick my pussy. And we’ll see where we go from there…


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