Drunk at the wheel of her car, Sarah let it veer off the road and demolish some expensive statuary on the lawn of the Verhammer Mansion. Unable to pay for the repairs, she was initially grateful for Mr Verhammer’s offer to let her work off the debt at a very generous hourly rate by serving as a bathroom attendant at his weekly invite-only parties.

She was less excited once she learned the full nature of her duties. She was to wear nothing by high heels, and spend the night on all fours on the bathroom vanity, poised over the sinks. The people – men and women both – who used the bathroom would wash their hands, and she would help them dry them – either by having them wipe their hands on her face, hair, or tits, or by passing them a pair of her panties to use as a towel. 

It soon became clear to her that the parties were sex parties. Many of the men entered the bathroom with obvious erections, and more than a few of them told her to use her mouth to clean their cocks. She wasn’t sure if this was part of her duties, but, nude and vulnerable, she did as she was told.

As the night went on, she realised she was becoming incredibly aroused. Something about being reduced to nothing but a human towel felt liberating and more than a little sexy. She felt her pussy grow wetter and needier with every hand wiped across her tits, every cock pushed into her mouth, until she could barely think about anything except who would touch her next, and a consuming need for someone to penetrate her pussy with something – anything.

Later, women began to enter the bathroom, many of them nude themselves, with cum leaking from their pussies from recent (apparently satisfying) intercourse. The first few came in a nude, giggling gang, and one of them – a pretty big-titted redhead – told Sarah to clean her cunt with her tongue. Sarah wasn’t a lesbian and didn’t like the idea of licking a stranger’s cum from a woman’s pussy, but then one of the other girls – a petite blonde – began to idly poke at Sarah’s cunt, prodding her pussy lips and pulling at them, and with a mewling sob of need, Sarah brought her face to the redhead’s sperm-filled fuckhole and began to lick.

When the blonde began to lick Sarah’s cunt in return, Sarah orgasmed almost immediately, and then twice more straight afterwards. The girls took turns playing with Sarah’s pussy – some of them deliberately trying to hurt Sarah, others being nicer – and in return Sarah gratefully licked each of their slut-nests clean, no longer caring whether she was a lesbian or not.

At the end of the night, after the guests had left, Mr Verhammer came in to see how she was. Sarah begged him to fuck her, and he obliged, telling her happily that she had done an excellent job, and in only 19 more of these parties she would have worked off her debt completely…


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