The all-girl public school ran an extensive women’s sport program – but it was poor, and constantly struggled to make ends meet.

Desperately needing to fund repairs on its ageing gymnasium, Principal Colton tried to save money by cutting some of the sport programs – women’s hockey, track and field, dance – but there was a fierce outcry and the complaints from parents and students were non-stop.

Finally, Principal Colton called a meeting of the P&C, and was brutally frank about the options available to the school.

“You have made it clear that cutting any of our expensive sports programs is unacceptable,” he said to the assembled crowd. “But we simply do not have the funds to deliver those programs AND maintain the necessary infrastructure to run them in.”

There was a hubbub of discontent from the assembled parents. Colton waved his hands to quieten them, and moved on to the critical part of his speech. “I *do* have a possible solution,” he said loudly, over the grumbling. “But *you* need to answer an important question to you. Not only do these sports programs improve the physical fitness and health of your daughters, but they can also offer talented girls key opportunities in sporting scholarships and professional teams. So what I need you to tell me is what is more important to you – those opportunities, or the dignity and privacy of your girls?”

The crowd were silent. Colton, seeing he had their attention, went on to explain his plan. There were shocked gasps – mainly from the women – but at the same time he noticed the interest from the men, their flushed faces, and in many cases their prominent erections.

At the end, they took a vote – and by a narrow margin, the parents agreed to implement Colton’s proposal – and, more importantly, to give parental consent for their girls to participate in it… whether the girls wanted to or not.

It was simple, really. The school took out a loan to rebuild the gymnasium and the athletics field, with significantly more spectator seating. And those seats were used almost immediately. Fathers, uncles, grandfathers and brothers began attending the school’s physical education classes and sports training sessions, as well as male students at nearby schools and some members of the public.

Pretty female students in short skirts walked constantly through the stands. At any time, any member of the audience could pay one of these girls the listed amount, and request that a girl in the sports program remove an item of their clothing, and continue their training without it. There were discounts for making a girl completely topless, or bottomless, or rendering her completely nude in a single payment.

The very wealthy could even pay to have weight clamps attached to a girl’s nipples or clitoris, for the fun of watching her trying to jog with her tits and cunt in pain, or have her stuff a vibrator in her pussy, a butt plug in her anus, or a ring-gag in her mouth.

The parents had, of course, given their consent to all of this, so the school employed burly security to ensure the girls’ compliance with the sports funding program. If a blushing girl refused to strip for the amusement of the male audience, they would hold her down and pull her clothes off. Many in the audience particularly enjoyed this scene, and girls who resisted undressing were inevitably a target of spending over successive days in the hopes of seeing her clothes violently ripped off her again.

Over time, the girls got used to spreading their pussies for the fathers and brothers of their friends – or often for their own fathers and brothers. They learned that it was natural for them to be a sexual spectacle for the enjoyment of men.

And of course, the sports programs learned to tailor their content for this new paradigm. Sports that made a lot of money had a bright future at the school. Ones that didn’t were liable to be cut.

So the gymnastics coach asked the girls to do more and more splits, their legs spread and their cunts on full display – and also scheduled more and more routines on trampolines, as the men loved watching the girls’ tits fly up and down with each bounce.

In the girls’ gridiron program, when the girls were training in tackles, girls were encouraged to molest any teammate whose tits or pussy were exposed. The audience loved seeing one girl grab another girl by her naked tits and drag her to the ground by them, before non-consensually finger-raping her cunt in front of the entire crowd. Audience members were more than happy to pay to take off the clothes of whatever girl they wanted to see abused.

And the cheerleading squad, which in theory aimed to entertain the crowd anyway, changed its routines *very* quickly. Spread pussies and bouncing tits stayed in the routines, but now the girls were instructed to fondle each other’s tits, kiss each other on the lips, and in some cases engage in lesbian cuntlicking 69s during their performance. These displays always got a rousing cheer from the crowd, letting the girls know exactly how their whorish behaviour was approved of.

Of course, the amount of money the program made was closely connected to how attractive and seductive the girls were. Girls that couldn’t get men to pay to see them naked were not only cut from the sports teams, but would be summoned to the principal’s office after school every day to receive a tit- and cunt-spanking to incentivise them to improve.

The program was successful enough that parents got a small kickback of any money their girl made, too, so parents had good reason to encourage their daughters to dress sluttier, act like whores, and cocktease men into paying to see them nude.

The program was such a huge success that six months later Principal Colton went back to the P&C with plans to expand it.

“The school sports program is doing well,” he told the parents. “But I think we can do even better. We need a new trophy case. We need funding for a new dance studio for a proposed pole dancing and stripping program. We want to hire top-tier prostitutes and porn stars as school guidance counsellors and nurses, to give our girls the best role models in life, and all of that costs money.”

The parents murmured appreciatively.

“First of all, I’m proud to announce the Sports VIP program, for our most talented athletes. Now, if one of you parents, or a member of the public, are really committed to the talent of one of our girls, you can pay a premium price to have that girl visit you naked at your house, and engage in any training you think she needs. We’ll fit her with an unremovable shock collar and give you a remote to ensure her compliance. All we ask is that you don’t impregnate her or leave permanent marks.”

There was some applause at this.

“Further,” said Colton, “I’m proud to announce the school’s attractiveness reinvestment scheme. As parents, you will now be able to access boob jobs for your daughters, to give them larger, more attractive tits. This cost is technically a loan offered by the school, but the expectation is that parents who access the loan will have their girls pay it off through participation in the Sports VIP program.”

There were cheers.

“And finally,” said Colton, “we know that these girls aren’t going on to academic pursuits – they’re here for the sports program – and so we feel that what the girls are learning should service their… physical pursuits. As a result, school supporters can now pay to change the lessons that girls are learning in their classes. We’ve already had one wealthy alumni make a substantial donation to have our biology teachers instruct girls that they are biologically closer to cows than to humans, and another has requested that the final assignment in our media courses require girls to create a hardcore pornographic film that they star in…”


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