When Tyrone found out his step-sister Alyssa was a lesbian, she begged him not to tell their parents. They wouldn’t understand, and they *certainly* wouldn’t let her sleep over at Kimmy’s place if they knew Kimmy was not her friend but her lover.

Tyrone agreed, on one humiliating condition. Before every date with Kimmy, Alyssa would have to come to him, fully dressed up for her date, and kneel at his feet and expose her tits. Then Tyrone would masturbate while staring at her tits, and eventually ejaculate into Alyssa’s hair. Alyssa could rub the cum through her hair if she chose, but not clean it off.

Tyrone loved the humiliation of making Alyssa go out with his cum in her hair, having the scent of his spunk on her like an erotic perfume. He loved associating Alyssa’s first romance with the inescapable knowledge that she was a dirty whore who had her brother’s cum in her hair. He loved knowing that whenever pretty lesbian Kimmy smelt his sister’s hair, she would be smelling his sperm without knowing it. 

And he particularly loved the thought that, over time, little lesbian Kimmy would come to associate the smell of men’s cum with arousal and hot sex and not even know why….


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