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Some people get stupid at the idea of fame, and will do things to be on television that they never should have signed up for.

Jesse and her family had agreed to the contract for the TV show “Family Dare”, that they would take part in whatever twisted dare the show came up with, in return for a million dollars if they completed it.

They’d taken Jesse off her birth control, and pumped her full of fertility drugs leading up to the most fertile part of her cycle. Then they’d given her father and brother Viagra, and given her brother a drug that decreased sensitivity in his cock.

The dare, they told the three, was that Jesse had to take her brother’s cock in her mouth, and her father’s cock in her pussy. She got the million dollars either way, but if she could make her brother cum in her mouth before her father ejaculated into her fertile womb, her dad would be allowed to pull out and cum on her face and tits instead.

Jesse won, on camera, sucking her brother to orgasm desperately, terrified of her father impregnating her. She swallowed his cum and pulled away from her father just in time, and gave the camera a lovely shot of her daddy spurting his cum all over her fuckbags. She took the cheque and smiled for the camera, naked and covered with her father’s sperm.

Afterwards, though, in the hotel room the studio had provided, her father re-read the contract and noticed that Jesse’s contractual consent to sex covered a 24 hour period and was non-revokable. Their cocks still hard and the feeling of Jesse’s holes still in their mind, her father held his struggling daughter down and stripped her naked again, and they spent the night forcibly repeating the scene with her until they were satisfied.

This time they *both* got to cum in her mouth *and* in her pussy. The next morning her father rang the producers of “Pregnant and Slutty” to see if they had any interest in featuring his daughter.

“Yes, she seduced me and her brother, and now she doesn’t know who the father is,” he told them. “What’s that? Will she be naked on camera? Absolutely. Is she willing to masturbate while being interviewed for the talking head segments? We can make that happen…”


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