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Aleksa’s father said no, she couldn’t get any piercings. Her best friend Spencer’s father said the same thing, and added that he’d give her a whipping if she even thought about disobeying him.

The girls, rebellious, went and got pierced anyway. Aleksa got a tongue piercing. Spencer, wet with the arousal of disobedience, got her clitoris pierced. Both got nipple piercings.

They thought when their fathers found out, they’d get yelled at, maybe grounded. But their fathers had other ideas.

A whole month went by, as their piercings healed, and their fathers said nothing. The girls thought they had gotten away with it.

And then one day, Aleksa’s father took her for a ride in the car. She was surprised when she realised they were going to Spencer’s place.

“Why are we here?” she asked. Her father said nothing. They went inside the house, and up to Spencer’s bedroom – where Aleksa was shocked to see Spencer lying in her bed, completely nude. Her legs were spread and tied to the bottom of the bed, and her hands had thick leather cuffs on them.

“What’s going on?” gasped Aleksa – but it was too late. Her father grabbed her, Spencer’s father came in and helped, and soon they had pulled off Aleksa’s clothes until she was as naked as Spencer.

They moved Aleksa onto the bed, so she was on all fours above Spencer, her face over Spencer’s cunt, her cunt over Spencer’s face. Then they connected the girls.

Aleksa’s left breast piercing was attached to Spencer’s right breast by a short chain. Likewise her right tit went to Spencer’s left.

“What are you doing?” protested Aleksa.

“Slutty girls with slutty piercings need to be treated like sluts,” said Spencer’s father. Then he pushed Aleksa’s head down and, to her horror, clipped her tongue piercing to Spencer’s clit piercing. She tried to pull away, and Spencer shrieked. The scent of Spencer’s cunt filled Aleksa’s nose. She pulled on her tongue again, and Spencer yelped again. The only way she could get her tongue entirely inside her mouth was to suckle on Spencer’s clit. She resisted for a few minutes, and then it was just too tiring having her tongue outside her mouth. She took Spencer’s clit between her lips and started to suck.

Beneath her, Spencer moaned, and writhed slightly. Aleksa had to admit that Spencer’s cunt tasted nice.

That was when Spencer’s father pushed his dick into Aleksa’s cunt.

It was the strangest experience. Here she was being raped by Spencer’s father, even as she sucked Spencer’s cunt. Every time she heard Spencer moan, it was like Spencer was getting off on Aleksa’s rape – like somehow Aleksa being raped was directly translating into Spencer’s pleasure.

And when Spencer’s father saw Spencer cum from Aleksa’s attention to her pussy, he orgasmed himself, ejaculating into Aleksa’s cunt.

Aleksa moaned into Spencer’s pussy with humiliation. She could feel the cum leaking from her pussy. She knew it was about to drip into her friend’s face….

And then she felt Spencer’s tongue at her pussy, licking her own father’s cum out of Aleksa’s cunt, and she moaned louder, and began sucking her friend’s cunt even harder.

“This is how you girls are going to sleep every night now,” said Aleksa’s father. “I think we’ll get you a cunt piercing, Aleksa, and a tongue one for Spencer, just to complete the circle. Maybe some labia piercings as well – I bet we can do something fun with them…”


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