Kelly’s sexual awakening as a young teenager came from discovering a photo of a a woman dressed in a Playboy Bunny costume sucking an anonymous man’s cock. The woman was so gorgeous, her tits so big, and her face so deleriously happy. Kelly masturbated to that photo many times and came to strongly associate sexual ecstasy with that combination of elements – bunnies, big tits, oral sex.

Her sluttiest early orgasm came from fucking her cunt with a thick carrot, while mumbling, “I’m a stupid little fuckbunny, I’m a stupid little fuckbunny”. When she put the cunt-wet carrot in her mouth afterwards and ate it, she orgasmed again. 

She would get wet when she heard phrases like “fuck like a bunny”, “slutbunny”, “stupid bunny bimbo”. Her first paycheck was spend on a bunny-tail butt plug, which she wore more and more often, not caring if it was obvious under her clothes. She routinely stuffed carrots into her pussy during the day and would then eat them in front of attractive men, hoping they knew what a whorish thing she was doing. She melted when she was patted or stroked like a pet. 

Once she got her fake tits she gave up trying to leave a normal life and wore her lacy bunny suits everywhere. The men (and women) in her life soon realised she didn’t want to be a respected equal, just a good little slutbunny, and more and more often they stopped trying to behave like she was a peer and instead just used her to satisfy their sexual needs. 

The happiest day of her life came when her long-time best friend spent the morning violently fucking her, then took her down to the government offices to have her name legally changed to “Slutbunny”, and then took her home again and showed her the new steel-cage hutch she would be living in from now on…


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  1. Oh wow this is one of the best short burst stories of yours I’ve read. Magnificent. Really hit a bunch of my switches (and now to rewatch Zootopia, for, reasons… :D)

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