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The monolithic consulting firm Power & Thorn employed nearly 2000 people. Managing staff and workflows was a priority – and therefore HR’s new “pageant initiative” was a big deal.

The program specified every public holiday as a “woman’s pageant”. No one was required to work on a public holiday, of course – and no one would be paid if they did – but every public holiday, a “woman’s pageant” would be held at the offices. Men who *happened* to be working there (for free) could watch, and any female employee of the company was invited to take part.

For instance, Easter was the “Bunnygirl Pageant”. Female employees would dress in skimpy bikinis, wear rabbit-puff butt stick-ons (or in some cases butt plugs) and cute bunny ears, and parade in front of the men for their approval. Memorial Day was a wet T-shirt competition. Independence Day was “the independence from clothes pageant”, in which women competed completely naked, and Labor Day was the “Festival of Milk”, where women were judged on the volume and quality of their lactation.

Participation was voluntary for the women, of course – but it was also tied to a substantial pay bonus, making up fully half their annual salary, if they took part in at least five pageants. And promotion of women was in the company was strictly limited to women with a recent “first-place” finish in a pageant, giving women an incentive to try their best to be as attractive to the men as possible. It also created some incentive to take part in the more degrading pageants – after all, the less other women were competing, the greater the chance of coming first.

Annette, for instance, had gotten her Vice Presidency for winning the Impregnation Pageant. She’d been judged the Girl Who Looked Prettiest While Having Unprotected Sex, beating the only other competitor, her bitch rival Susan, and while it meant that she was now pregnant and had no idea who the father was, with graphic footage of her impregnation freely available on several prominent internet sites, it had been worth it to know that Susan was in the same pregnant, humiliated position… and didn’t even have a promotion to show for it….


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