To her growing distress and bafflement, Jenny kept finding things stuffed up her pussy that she didn’t remember putting there – beer bottles, crumpled up chip packets, cigarettes…

Of course, she didn’t remember going to the hypnotist on a dare, either, or the triggers her laughing friends had had installed in her.

Now her triggers were well known among all who knew her, and most social occasions would start with someone saying, “Jenny – bin mode.” At which point her eyes would go blank, she would strip nude, sit with her legs spread, and spread her pussy. Her friends would laughingly push their rubbish and trash into her fuckhole. 

When it became full she would blankly walk outside to the garbage bins, masturbate to the edge of orgasm, then empty her cunt into the trash before returning to let them fill her up again.

Her other trigger was even crueller. Occasionally someone would say, “Jenny – awareness”, at which point she would become fully conscious of where she was, what she was doing, and who was watching, but still be unable to stop. To her friend’s endless amusement, these bursts of horrified realisation would inevitably result in her powerfully and publicly orgasming, before going blank again and resuming service as a good garbage bin…


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