Under the new laws, she had had the compulsory tests, checking her sexual responsiveness, tit size, propensity to orgasm, etc, and had ended up as one of the 7 percent or so of women in the “fuckdoll” category. This imposed certain legal requirements on her relating to keeping her cunt shaved, edging three times a day, submitting to the sexual demands of men, et cetera.

One of her requirements was to keep her tits bared in public, but on her morning run she spotted her uncle up ahead. Surely she couldn’t be expected to show her fuckmelons to family members, even if it was in public? She toyed with her rolled-up jogging top, desperately wanting to pull it down and conceal the slutty size of her boobs.  

But in the end the fear of punishment won over. If she was caught concealing herself she could be sentenced to months of having her tits and cunt flogged painfully in between repeated rapes. Blushing, she left her slutbags exposed, and continued forward to greet her uncle…


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