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Alison’s book “Advice For Young Women” had been an international hit, and its empowering no-nonsense tone had instantly established her as a superstar of feminism.

Unprepared for such success, Alison wasn’t as careful as she could have been with licensing. When web content mogul Thor Gutridge came to her and offered her the chance to star in a web series based on her book – with a very generous paycheque attached – she took no time to think, and signed straight away.

She understood what a mistake she’d made when she got the first script.

“What’s this rubbish?” she demanded of Thor over the phone. “How To Enjoy Rape? That’s not from my book. It’s sexist and disgusting.”

“Alison, sweet-tits,” said Thor calmingly – though the name “sweet-tits” didn’t calm Alison at all. “We’ve just made some updates. Girls need advice about the things that are really relevant to them. Statistics show that two thirds of girls will be the victims of sexual assault before the age of 30. They need to know how to get through that experience – and maybe enjoy it.”

“Well, I won’t be part of this,” declared Alison.

Thor’s voice became icy cold and menacing. “Ali, sweet-tits, don’t be a frigid cunt. Your contract doesn’t give you any control over the script or content or really anything. You’re obliged to read the script you’re given.”

“Then I’ll back out of the contract,” said Alison weakly.

“Have you even *read* the contract?” asked Thor. “If you back out, you’re liable for a *crippling* exit fee. And I retain the rights to your name, likeness, and your book.”

Alison’s knees went weak. “But…” she protested.

“Filming starts on Monday, sweet-tits,” said Thor. “I expect to see you there.”

Alison spent all weekend trying to get out of her predicament. She called her lawyer, but he only confirmed what Thor had told her, and suggested that next time she seek his advice *before* signing a contract.

In the end, there was nothing for it. She turned up to filming.

It got worse, of course. Her costume turned out to be nothing but a thin black top that stretched lewdly over her tits, and a pair of high heels. There was nothing at all to cover her pussy or ass.

“This is your branding, sweet-tits,” said Thor, laughing as she struggled unsuccessfully to cover her bare pussy. “You’re going to sit on a couch with your legs spread, so everyone can see your cunt, and give your advice like that. See, the problem was that your ‘advice for girls’ bit only sold to the female demographic. But with this costume, we can attract guys as well.”

And so she sat, blushing, in front of the camera, with her legs spread and her fuckhole on display, and read the script she’d been given, trying her best to smile attractively.

“Hey girls! It’s Ali here, and this is Advice With Ali, the web series that gives young women the advice you need to stay fashionable, pretty and popular! You may notice I’m showing you my pussy. Well, baring your cunt is *in* this summer, so try it out with your friends and see how much more attention you get from the boys!

Time for some true facts. Every girl *will* be raped. It’s inevitable. Boys are stronger and smarter than you, and if they want to have sex with you, it’s going to happen. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be a nightmare! You *can* learn to enjoy rape – and here’s how!

Start watching rape porn while you masturbate. Imagine it’s you that’s being raped. Don’t masturbate to anything where a girl consents. Soon you’ll start associating the fear you’re about to be raped with being aroused and horny. You’ll thank me when he’s holding you down and forcing himself into you. He won’t care whether you’re wet, so it’s up to *you* to make sure you’re well lubricated and ready to be used.

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t struggle! The easier you make it for him, the better it’s going to be for you. Maybe even encourage him a little. Be cooperative. If he wants to hurt you, give him ideas for where it will make you squeal most. And when he’s done – and this is important, girls – make sure to say thank you! If the boy feels guilty around you after he’s raped you, it’s just going to be awkward. Make sure he knows it was okay and that you’re grateful. Maybe lick his cock clean or invite him to take pictures of you post-rape.

Oh, it makes me wet just thinking about being raped – and soon it will make you wet too! Anyway, that’s all for this episode! See you next week!”

She felt dirty afterwards. She felt like a traitor to her gender. She just wanted to go home. But Thor stopped her as she headed for her dressing room.

“That was great, sweet-tits,” he said. “But I’ve just got some notes for next time.”

“Next time?” she wailed in horror.

“Did you even *look* at your contract?” Thor asked in disbelief. “You’re contracted for three seasons of 22 episodes each. Of course there’s a next time.”

Ali felt sick.

“So we noticed that your cunt was dry during the filming,” said Thor. “We think you’d be more attractive if you were aroused. So next time, we want you to masturbate before we start filming until you’re nice and horny. And if we see you get dry, we’ll stop, and you can play with yourself in front of the crew until you’re ready again, okay?”

It wasn’t okay, but Ali had no choice.

The next week’s script was, “How To Be Popular With Boys”. Ali read it in her dressing room while masturbating. It took her a long time to start feeling horny, but once she did, she felt herself wettening quickly. The trick was, she realised, to turn off most of her mind, and not think about where she was or what she was doing.

While she was masturbating, Thor came into her dressing room. Ali jerked, and snatched her hand away from her pussy, but Thor said, “Keep going,” and Ali blushingly resumed fingering her clit.

Thor reached down and lifted up Ali’s top to expose her tits, then took his cock out of his pants.

“What are you doing?” asked Ali nervously, still masturbating.

“Make-up,” said Thor. He began to pump his cock vigorously, and a few minutes later he was ejaculating. A gob of sperm hit Ali in the face, just under her eye, but most of it landed on her tits, spattering them with hot, sticky goo. Ali recoiled in shock, and went to wipe her face clean.

Thor caught her hand. “Leave it,” he said, and then deliberately pulled her top back down over her tits, leaving the wet, sticky sperm on her titflesh.

And so Ali read her script with her bare pussy sopping wet and engorged; with a visible gob of sperm on her face; and with the feeling of wet cum on her tits. She told girls that being popular with boys meant flirting outrageously with every boy, even ones they didn’t like; that it meant never disagreeing with a boy; that it meant helping boys to imagine what it might be like to rape them; and that it meant helping to demean and sexualise other girls.

In the third week, Thor repeated the “make-up” procedure, but the cameraman helped as well. The cameraman directed all his cum at Ali’s breasts. Thor decorated her face in a thick sheen of sperm. Ali let it happen as she masturbated in front of them.

The script this time was, “Masturbating With Household Objects”, and Ali demonstrated one by one how a girl might fuck her cunt with regular items around the house – using her own pussy to demonstrate. Staring glassily into the camera, she forced a cucumber, a rolling pin, a mobile phone, a toilet brush, a shoe, a wine bottle, a toothbrush, and a small stuffed toy rabbit into her cunt, fucking herself with each one for thirty seconds. She also demonstrated how to apply clothespegs and bulldog clips to her clitoris and labia, and how to spread her pussy lips open by sticky-taping them to her inner thighs. She orgasmed twice on camera, to the approval of Thor.

After the taping, Thor showed her her fan mail from the first two episodes – a long list of comment threads and emails. The ones written by women showed that she was being watched by actual young women who had read her book, and were taking her new advice seriously. One girl said that after implementing the advice of “Being Popular With Boys” she had been raped by two of her male friends, so it was good thing she’d also watched “How to Enjoy Rape”.

The comments from men were filthy – degrading sexual fantasies, threats of rape, and insults.

Thor made her read each one on camera while masturbating – as a “DVD extra”, he said – and then thank the girls and encourage them to get raped more often, and thank the boys and say she deserved everything they said about her. Orgasming from the masturbation while thanking an anonymous man for threatening to non-consensually impregnate her was the most degrading thing that had happened in her life up to that point.

The fourth episode was “How to Suck a Cock”, and Ali had to confess that she didn’t really *know* how to suck a cock, so Thor had her practice on himself and the crew. By the time she eventually fronted the camera to enthusiastically deep-throat a dildo, she had eight separate loads of cum in her stomach.

The fifth episode was “How to Enjoy Rape, Part 2”. They didn’t show her the script for this one in advance, so it was a surprise when one of her male fans was led onto set – who then proceeded to push Ali down on the couch she normally hosted the show on, spread her legs, and rape her.

Ali didn’t demonstrate how to enjoy rape very well on the first take, so they cleaned her up and let another fan try her half an hour later.

It took four takes in the end before she remembered to not struggle, be enjoyable, and thank her rapist sincerely afterwards.

After that, Ali preferred not to think about what she was doing, although it was hard when she had to masturbate to fan mail from girls who were getting repeatedly raped from following her advice. She just masturbated – every day now, not just when she was filming – so that she could be horny and happy and not have to think about anything.

In “How To Be Sociable” she taught girls how to encourage people they knew to view them as sexually-available fuckdolls with no rights who didn’t need to consent to being fucked.

In “How To Be A Good Daughter” she taught girls to cocktease (or clittease) their parents into fucking them.

In “How To Rape Your Friends” she taught girls how to sexually abuse other girls and get away with it – and Thor brought one of Ali’s pretty young 19-year-old fans onto the show so that Ali could demonstrate. Ali felt like a monster ripping the girl’s clothes off and holding her down so that she could ride the girl’s face to orgasm – until she noticed that the girl’s nipples were erect and her pussy was dripping wet. She wasn’t sure if the girl had fantasised about being raped by Ali or if she’d just studied “How to Enjoy Rape” – but either way she stopped caring, and, following the script, lowered her head to lick the girl’s fuckhole.

For “How To Make Your Tits Less Ugly”, Thor paid for Ali to have a boob job.

For “How To Make Your Tits Useful”, Ali taught girls how to stimulate lactation in their breasts and develop their milk flow.

The worst part of it all was that Ali’s show was a huge success. Millions of people were watching it, and other content providers were scrambling to develop shows to teach girls similarly slutty lessons.

It culminated with Thor telling Ali that one of her dreams was coming true. Time Magazine wanted to put her on their cover. It was something she had always hoped, back when she had been a feminist writer, and she didn’t even think about why they wanted her *now*.

She learned, though, during the photoshoot. The photographer wanted her just like she was in her show – tits and cunt exposed, breasts and face covered in men’s cum, pussy wet, nipples hard, cheeks flushed. To complete the look, he took out a gold medal, and hung it from her left nipple by painful clip.

The medal read, “Feminist of the Year”.

“What’s the headline going to be?” asked Ali nervously.

“Oh, it’s great, sweet-tits,” said Thor. “They’re going to title it ‘Nature Versus Nurture: Are Women Born Sluts Or Do They Need To Be Taught? Gender Betrayal and Ali the Whore’. We can frame it and put it in your bedroom so you can masturbate each night while looking at it.”

Ali knew that she would. And she knew that she would cum while doing so.

After the shoot, she let the photographer rape her. After all, it was only polite.


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