Princess Selena had taken such pride in her wealth, power, and, particularly, expensive dresses, until her father married her to the prince of distant Kashtar to secure a trade treaty.

She didn’t seem to understand that in Kashtar, women had approximately the same rights as pigs, whether they were princesses or not, and she continued her bratty, spoiled ways as if nothing had changed.

Her husband soon corrected her. The experience of being stripped naked by four nude male slaves made it clear how powerless she was, and having to kiss the tip of each slave’s cock and apologise to them reinforced it.

Now she only wore the clothes he gave her, each outfit more demeaning than the last, and he made her kneel in the throne room in her sluttish clothes while he held court. Her crimson humiliated face was a constant source of amusement, as was the knowledge he’d scheduled her first royal speech to the populace for a month from now, which she would perform nude and masturbating on the palace steps. The topic would be “I am the royal fuckpig” and she had nothing to think about every day until then except what she would say and what it would feel like…


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