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It was a sin to be a lesbian, Kissa knew.  She had been given her wet pussy and oversized tits for *men* to enjoy, not to lez off with cunt-licking sluts, and she believed that to the depths of her shameful girl-loving cunt.

But try as she might, she couldn’t bring herself to fuck a man.

The solution came to her late one night, after hours of masturbation.  Couldn’t she balance the scales?  Was it a sin to be a lesbian who didn’t fuck men, if she took two women who *were* lesbians and got their pussies stuffed with cock?  Surely God would forgive her own whorish desires if she brought other lesbians to serve their natural purpose?

She tried it on her then-girlfriend Kai, who she was getting bored of anyway.  Over several weeks, she secretly filmed Kai masturbating, showering, dressing and undressing, confessing her sluttiest fantasies – and then she showed what she had filmed to Kai, and told Kai that she would publish it all to the internet along with Kai’s name, sexual history, and home address – unless Kai agreed to fuck Kissa’s friend John, who had repeatedly told Kissa that he thought Kai was hot. 

The decision was a difficult one for Kai, but in the end, she did what Kissa wanted, even agreeing to let Kissa lead her to her fucking on a dog-leash, while crawling bare-titted on all fours.

Kai cried a little as John peeled off her panties, and Kissa felt a sting of guilt, so she knelt between Kai’s legs and licked her pussy until Kai was, despite herself, quite wet, and then kept licking as John sat Kai on his lap and sank his erect cock into Kai’s wet lesbian fuckhole.

Watching her girlfriend being fucked by a man was strangely erotic for Kissa.  When Kai cried, it was even hotter.  It was as if Kai’s ordeal was in some surrogate way processing Kissa’s own conflict and guilt over her sexuality.  The more Kai moaned and wept, the more Kissa felt forgiven for having sucked on Kai’s beautiful tits; for having kissed Kai’s soft, warm lips; for having enjoyed Kai’s mouth sucking on her clitoris as she orgasmed hard against the beautiful girl’s face.

When she saw John buck with the force of ejaculation, and then watched John’s semen begin seeping from Kai’s violated cunt, Kissa orgasmed.

When it was over, she gave Kai one last kiss on the lips, and then handed all of the blackmail material over to John.  She didn’t care what he did with it – whether he gave it to Kai as Kissa had implied that he would, or kept it to make Kai his long-term fuckslave.  She was done with Kai, who was no longer a lesbian but rather just another slut with a man’s cum inside her. 

Kissa went out that night to her local lesbian bar.  She drank, and flirted, and by the end of the night she had a pretty redhead to take back to her apartment and fuck.  And four weeks later, she was masturbating to the sight of the same redhead crying as she was fucked in the ass by her closest male friend.

And thus it went for Kissa.  She would have a couple of months of hot sex with a new lesbian, and then she’d blackmail the girl into fucking some man or other.  Kissa would watch as the girl had her cunt violated by a hard, eager cock, and she would openly masturbate – which always made the man happy – and more and more often she’d find herself orgasming loudly at the sight of her erstwhile girlfriend being non-consensually fucked.

She knew these girls deserved to be raped, because she knew *she* deserved to be raped.  She should be worshipping cock, not longing to lick cunt.  But she couldn’t help herself.  She saw a pretty girl and she’d do anything to end up writhing nude with her in a tangle of sweaty bedsheets.  All she could do was try and balance the scales afterwards.

Kissa found herself living for the moment when she saw a man ejaculate into a lesbian.  The more the girl hated it, the hotter it was for Kissa, and often she would offer the man little suggestions and encouragement to make it even more degrading for her former girlfriends.

She found herself drawing closer and closer to each violation.  Sometimes she would lick the girl’s pussy while the man was fucking it, getting a little shiver of electric excitement each time her tongue touched the man’s cock.  Sometimes she would silence the girl’s moans by forcing the girl’s mouth against her own pussy, staring into the man’s eyes as they cooperatively abused the poor lesbian.  Eventually she found herself drawn to lick the girl’s pussy *after* the man had cum, her tongue lapping at the man’s sperm as it dripped from the girl’s fuckhole.  It tasted good, she thought.  God’s reward to women for knowing their place.

In time, the sexual thrill she felt at these betrayals completely eclipsed anything she experienced from consensually fucking women.  More and more often she encouraged the men to keep the girls as their sex pets, and she would return to view their subsequent rapings as well.  Often the girls swore at her, and spat their hatred at her betrayal of them, and that just made Kissa hotter, because she knew they were right, that she *was* disgusting, and it was completely appropriate that they should revile her, even as she suggested to their new owners that they be gagged with their own panties so that they could be fucked in silence.

In the end, the inevitable happened – Kissa found herself masturbating to fantasies where it was *her* being enslaved and raped, exactly as she deserved.  She moaned with distress as she realised this, but didn’t stop masturbating.  And after a week of powerful orgasms to this idea, she began to film herself nude, rubbing her cunt, engaging in degrading and humiliating sex acts, and started thinking about which man in her life she would *least* like to be fucked by – who, of course, would be the one she would give all of the footage to…


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