Alana felt like she was the boring one in her group of friends. She was worried no one would invite her to parties because she just wasn’t entertaining enough.

She confessed her fears to her friend Miguel.

“I’m studying hypnotism,” said Miguel. “Maybe I could do some hypnotism to help you be more fun in social situations?”

Alana, foolishly, agreed, and over the next few hours Miguel gave her a number of deep, powerful suggestions.

Miguel never told Alana what suggestions he’d given her. In fact, Alana didn’t even remember she’d been hypnotised. But Miguel *did* tell all Alana’s friends, and now they found her *much* more entertaining.

They called it “Alana’s Cunt Game”, and they never tired of playing it at parties. It would start with someone raising the topic of Alana’s pussy.

“What do you think Alana’s cunt looks like?” they would say.

“I bet she has big meaty cuntflaps,” someone else would answer.

“Do you think it’s hairy?” someone else would add.

“No, I bet it’s smooth like a whore, to please anyone who rapes her.”

“Oh my god, I bet it’s wet right now.”

“I bet it’s wet all the time, like a slut.”

“I bet she gets wet when people talk about her cunt.”

Alana *did* get wet when people talked about her cunt. That was one of Miguel’s suggestions. His other suggestions prevented her from walking away when people were discussing her cunt; to smile and giggle or do whatever was necessary to keep them talking about her cunt; to occasionally raise the topic of her own cunt when no one was discussing it; and to be completely unable to put her hands or any other object in front of her cunt to cover it, other than whatever clothes she happened to be wearing.

And, of course, to be deeply, intensely and overwhelming ashamed and embarrassed of her own pussy.

Alana would stand there, blushing brighter and brighter red with shame and humiliation as people talked about her fuckhole. Her cunt would get wetter and wetter, which made her even more embarrassed.

And eventually a switch would flip in her head. Miguel had told her, “If the only thing you are able to think about is your pussy, you must expose it to everyone around you, and not cover it again until someone puts something inside it, at which point you will cum.”

As the shame and arousal filled her mind, Alana would, to her horror, find herself pulling off her skirt, removing her panties, and spreading her legs wide to the entire party, to reveal her sopping wet rape-hole. 

Everyone would laugh at her, and she would stand there, unable to cover herself, knowing she was stuck like that until someone put something up her pussy, but too ashamed to ask for it.

Sometimes her friends would penetrate her straight away – with a finger, or a beer bottle, or from time to time at smaller parties with an eager cock – and she would orgasm visibly and noisily, shaking with the force of her reaction.

But sometimes they would leave her like that for the rest of the party, showing off her beaver to everyone she knew, and continue discussing her and laughing at her as she got wetter and wetter and more and more humiliated.

The best bit, of course, was Miguel’s final instruction. “You will have no memory of exposing your cunt, or anything that happens to you while your cunt is exposed, and you will not hear anything that anyone says that would make you think you had exposed your cunt.” And so every time, after they had mocked and abused Alana, she would just happily reset back with no memory of her humiliation, so they could do it to her again next time.

In the end, Alana had no idea *why* she was now being invited to so many more parties, and she just went blank and smiled when people asked her if she was going to play her “cunt game”. She was just grateful to Miguel that she was so popular now…


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