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Raven was furious with her daughter Megan and her friend Zoey. The two had posted a picture of themselves kissing on Facebook, so Raven had mustered up the courage to tell Megan’s grandparents, aunts and uncles that Megan was gay.

It was scary for her – the family were conservative Christians, and Raven had never had the courage to confess her own attraction to women, instead marrying a man like a good girl and letting him fuck her every night like she knew was her duty. 

But she felt that hiding her daughter’s sexuality would be a betrayal, and she wanted to be proud of her daughter, so she had the difficult conversation, and got to hear her own mother talk about what vile whorish sluts lesbians were, even if her mother didn’t realise the insults applied equally to Raven.

So after all that, when Raven learned that her daughter *wasn’t* really gay, that Megan and Zoey had posed for the picture solely for the purpose of teasing boys, she was furious.

She stormed into Megan’s room and grabbed both girls by the hair.

“No,” she told them. “You are going to be lesbians. I am not going back and telling our family I was wrong. Get your clothes off girls, or so help me, Megan, you are never getting that car for your birthday, and Zoey, I will let the police know about that stash of pot in your house you think is such a secret.”

The girls protested and wailed, but eventually they stripped. Raven set up a camera to film – ”to make a reminder that you’re lesbians now, in case you forget” – and then grabbed them both by the hair, pushed their faces together, and said kiss. Hesitantly, awkwardly, the girls began to make out. 

After a while, Megan looked up. “Mum, why are you taking your clothes off?”

“I’ve been fantasising about girls every night your father has fucked me for our entire marriage,” Raven said, “and now you have the nerve to bring a pretty one into our house and tease me with her. I think it’s only fair you share with your mother. Anyway, don’t you think it’s cute, having your first lesbian experience at the same time your mother has hers?”

Megan screwed up her face in disgust, so Raven gave her a light slap on the cheek. “Don’t give me that look, young miss,” she said. “It’s about time you learned there’s consequences for being a cocktease. Zoey, get on the bed and spread your legs. Now, Megan, do you want to take first turn at licking her, or being licked by her?”

Megan hesitated, so Raven grabbed her daughter’s hair and pushed her face down into her friend’s (surprisingly wet) cunt. Megan moaned in protest, but soon began obediently licking. “Good girl,” Raven told her, moving to straddle Zoey’s face herself. “Now Megan,” she said, as she settled her pussy against the teen girl’s lips, “if you can cum like a good lesbian from your girlfriend’s tongue before you make me squirt, I’ll pay for you both to take a holiday to the snow this winter. But I have to warn you, I have been waiting for this a long time, and I am *very* wet…”


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