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Melissa pulled Angie aside into the nurse’s station at the Parents & Teachers meeting.

“What the fuck is your daughter doing?” she snarled at the surprised and confused Angie.

“What?” asked Angie. Melissa had a hold of her hair in a painful way. She didn’t know what she had done to deserve this assault.

“My daughter Spencer asked your bitch daughter April out on a date, and April turned her down – and laughed at her,” spat Melissa, pulling Angie’s hair harder.

“Ow!” protested Angie. “My daughter’s not a lesbian! She’s not interested in your daughter!”

“Bullshit,” said Melissa. “Spencer’s a walking wet dream. Of course your slut daughter is interested, she’s just being a bitch because she thinks it’s funny. Go home and tell your daughter to cut the shit and be Spencer’s girlfriend.”

“I can’t do that!” protested Angie. “She’s just not into girls!”

“Then teach her,” said Melissa. “Look, I’ll show you.” She ripped off Angie’s top, exposing the woman’s large tits, and then started pulling off her own clothes.

“What are you doing?” squealed Angie. “Stop!”

“Quiet, or the other mothers will hear, and you’ll have to explain why we’re naked in here together,” said Melissa, nude now. She pulled up Angie’s skirt and roughly tugged her panties down her legs.

“Please don’t,” begged Angie. Melissa ignored her and pushed her down onto the ground. She positioned herself in front of Melissa, her legs spread, her cunt lined up with Angie’s face.

“Lick,” she demanded.

Angie didn’t know what to do. The force of Melissa’s personality had caught her up. Melissa was clearly in control. There was nothing Angie could do except obey. She extended her tongue and started to lick the other woman’s spread pussy.  

Melissa sighed happily, and pushed her groin harder against Angie’s mouth.

“That’s a good bitch,” said Melissa. “And this is exactly what your daughter is going to do for my daughter, understand? She’s going to act like she’s in love with Spencer, she’s going to submit to Spencer’s every whim and sexual fantasy, and she’s going to be a good little lesbian girlfriend until Spencer gets tired of her. Nod if you understand.”

Angie tried to nod, awkwardly, with her tongue still buried in Melissa’s snatch.

“Oh, that’s good,” said Melissa. “Yes, I think we’ll do this again from time to time. Women should be friends when their daughters are friends, don’t you think? And you’re going to do whatever it takes to keep your bitch daughter compliant. Hit her tits with a belt if she needs convincing – I find that usually works when my husband needs to discipline me.”

Angie moaned. She was aware her own cunt was becoming traitorously moist. Melissa’s pussy tasted good, but more than that, the sense of being so completely dominated by Melissa was doing interesting things to her brain.

“Oh, I bet my husband would enjoy you too,” said Melissa, rubbing her pussy harder against Angie‘s face. “We’ll set that up some time. And of course, if you give me any grief, we’ll just tell all the other parents – and your husband – about what a whorish little lesbian you’ve been tonight.”

Angie nodded. She didn’t need the incentive. She had never been controlled like this. She wanted to be controlled again. The thought of being used like this, in such a public place, with so little respect for her opinions, was driving her mad. She wanted to worship Melissa’s cunt and grovel at her feet. 

She thought to herself, I wonder if April will like this too? Because she knew she was going to do exactly as Melissa told her, and if that meant telling April she was a lesbian now, well, then her daughter was just going to have to learn how to lick pussy…


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