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Whitney had had a very permissive life until the age of 18.  But when her mother remarried, her stepfather decided it was time to teach her how a girl should behave.

It started one morning when Whitney, making her breakfast, tried to ask if the milk was fresh.

She was surprised when her stepfather slapped her across the face, and barked, “Tits out.”

She gasped in surprise, and tried to complain, but received another slap, and the warning, “Tits out.”

Whitney soon learned that until she exposed her tits, nobody in the house would let her speak.  Her mother, regretfully, followed her husband’s lead, slapping Whitney and telling her, “Tits out,” when her daughter opened her mouth.

Appalled, Whitney at first simply resolved not to speak around the house.  But when she woke up one morning a week after the treatment started and found a padlock on the toilet door, it became too much.

“Let me in to the toilet,” she tried to say.  SLAP.  “Tits out.”

“But I need to…” SLAP.  “Tits out.”

Desperate, Whitney tried to leave the house, thinking that peeing in the local park was less humiliating than showing her stepfather her breasts.  But the front door now had an internal lock too – there was no way out.

Whitney whimpered, and tried to think of an alternative.  But there was none.  So eventually, she shyly raised her shirt and lowered her bra, to expose her breasts to her stepfather, and said, “May I have the toilet key, please?”

“Of course, Whitney,” said her stepfather sweetly, handing her the key. “But from now on, your tits out will only be enough to answer questions you’ve been asked.  If you want something, you have to spread your cunt.”

And Whitney found that that was true.  If her stepfather asked her how school was, she could flash her tits and say, “Good, sir.”  But if she asked for something – her allowance, or the car keys, or just for someone’s opinion – she’d get a hard slap to her tits, and the instruction, “Spread your cunt.”  If she asked for something without even flashing her tits, she’d get two slaps to her face, then her stepfather would rip off her shirt entirely – often ruining it – and give her five slaps to her now-exposed breasts.

Whitney soon got into the habit of flashing her tits when she said anything.  A couple of times, she forgot and did it outside of the house, to the laughter of her friends, but that was okay, because when her male friends came to visit, her stepfather would have a word with them, and soon Whitney found that if she spoke even among her peers, she would get slapped, and a laughing boy would shout, “Tits out.”

When Whitney started showing her tits, the lock came off the toilet door, as a sign of good faith.  But after three weeks of Whitney resisting going any further – three weeks in which her wants and needs were completely ignored by her parents, because she wasn’t allowed to vocalise them – the lock returned, and Whitney was once again left with no options.

She had never been more humiliated than sitting naked in front of her stepfather, her tits bare, her legs spread wide open to centre his gaze on her nude pussy.  “Please, sir,” she said, blushing, “may I have the toilet key?”

“Yes, sweetie,” said her stepfather.  “I’m glad you’re learning.  But I expect to see that pussy wet, and I expect that when you speak, you’ll degrade yourself.”

He meant it, too.  Even on her simple responses, he expected her to degrade herself.  If he asked her, “What would you like for dinner?” and she said, “Pasta,” he would drag her to her bedroom by her hair, rip off all her clothes, push her legs apart, and spank her pussy till she cried.  The correct answer was, “I don’t know, sir, because I’m a dumb slut.”

Her friends helped her.  Or at least, after applying the new standard to her, and making her spend most of her time with them nude with her pussy spread, they would help her, by saying degrading things about her, to give her ideas. 

Getting her pussy wet was hard too.  To start with, she would masturbate in her bedroom immediately before asking her stepfather for anything.  But over time, she began to associate the process of asking her stepfather for something with arousal, and she found the mere thought of undressing for him, begging him for a thing, and risking a cunt slapping, was enough to get her sopping wet.

Her stepfather’s proudest moment was when Whitney finally came to him, completely naked, and sat on a kitchen chair, blushed, and spread her cunt to show it dripping wet with sex juices.  She looked him in the eye and said, “Please, sir, my school prom is coming up, and because I’m a dumb whore who can only speak when she’s on display, I won’t need a dress because my friends will make me go nude.  But I’m a shallow little cocktease and I need to look pretty for my prom.  Can I have a clit piercing and nipple piercings?  I think I’ll look like a dumb bimbo with big rings through my tits and my clit, so that will suit me perfectly.”

The glazed, slutty look in her eyes told him the story of her thought process.  She had originally intended to ask for a pretty dress to wear to the prom.  And as she’d planned how to ask for it in a degrading way, she’d gotten more aroused, and so the request had changed… and changed again… until it was this humiliating request, which she didn’t really want, but the thought of it was going to make her cum when he said yes, and then she’d be stuck with the appalling, demeaning results…

“Of course, honey,” her stepfather said.  “But you really have a whiny, dumb, bimbo voice, you know.  I don’t think I want to hear that voice again unless it’s muffled.  So from now on the rule is that you only speak if you have a man’s cock in your mouth, okay?”

“What?” asked Whitney, brain clouded by arousal, not understanding.

SLAP!  “Only speak with a cock in your mouth.”

And then her stepfather was taking his erect cock out of his pants, and pushing it against her lips, and Whitney opened her mouth, not knowing what else to do, and started sucking.

“Good girl,” sighed her stepfather.  “Now, why don’t you ask me that request again, now that your mouth is plugged like it should be?”

“Mmf,” said Whitney, trying to speak and suck cock at the same time.  “Mmmf mfff, mfff mmm mmmf mmf mf….”

Her stepfather chuckled, looking forward to the time ahead when Whitney would be literally unable to bring herself to try speaking without a cock in her mouth, and would be unintelligible when she did.

A daughter should be seen but not heard, he’d told Whitney’s mother when he married her, and by God he’d delivered on that promise.


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