After she turned down the advances of a college classmate, he made legal history by bringing a court case against her for false advertising, arguing her choice of clothing and general attitude constituted an advertising campaign that suggested if people gave her attention, she would fuck them.

The newspapers loved it, and spent some time contacting her acquaintances for further detail on her “choice of clothing and general attitude”. The jackpot was discovering a photo of her, naked but for panties and high heels, squatting drunkenly in a hallway outside a raucous party and giving the photographer the finger. One tabloid ran it as a full-page front-cover with the headline “DOES THIS BITCH DESERVE TO BE RAPED?” Another had obtained her internet browsing history, which contained repeated visits to daddy-daughter fantasy sites. “SHE’LL ONLY FUCK HER DADDY: SLUT PRINCESS IN LEGAL BATTLE.”

She was questioned at length in court, over who exactly she was dressing up for, over what thoughts she hoped to provoke by wearing something that made her tits look attractive, over whether she had in fact received attention because of acting like a bimbo. The plaintiff’s counsel successfully petitioned to have a sensing device placed in her pussy for the duration of testimony, so the court could monitor in real-time whether certain conversation topics were making her wet. They made her watch a film about a cocktease being cruel to men, and the device showed she was wet. They made her watch a film about a girl seducing her father, and she got even wetter. Eventually she broke, and began yelling at the judge, calling him filthy names. That was probably the moment that cost her the case.

The judge ruled in her classmate’s favour. She was to pay a substantial sum of damages – effectively everything she owned – and report to his accommodation once weekly for raping, for three months. 

That would have been bad enough, but immediately following the judgement, other men she had known put in their own suits against her seeking their own remedies. Likewise, thousands of men began to sue other girls they had known. Her name became synonymous with cockteasing sluts, particularly when they got their comeuppance. “What a fucking Lindsay Marie,” men would spit at a particularly slutty but unavailable girl. It became such a byword that within two years people would laugh when she told them her name, without even knowing that she was *that* Lindsay Marie. She may as well have changed her name to “Cockteasing Cunt”. 

She had little time to worry, though, as by that time her legal obligations to other men amounted to three scheduled rapings a day, every day, for the foreseeable future…


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