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The men of Biocline Laboratories faced a dilemma around their latest pharmaceutical creation – realise its commercial value? Or keep it for themselves? It was an easy choice in the end; the government was unlikely to allow the drug for public use, so the men chose to take it themselves.

It had the unusual effect of changing the chemical makeup of their semen – making it literally addictive. 

They had to pay their big-titted receptionist Melissa a lot of money to suck their cocks on the first two days to test the effects, but by the third day she arrived at work with a needy look in her eyes, licking her lips, casting furtive glances at her employers’ cocks, and she agreed to suck them off even when she was told she would no longer be paid to do it. On the fourth day they just progressed to fucking whichever of her holes they felt like, letting her transfer their ejaculate from her cunt or ass to her mouth herself.

They soon discovered a second, unexpected side effect of the drug when Melissa’s already large tits swelled up an additional cup size and began lactating. They told her she wasn’t to milk herself, to preserve the integrity of their data, and that if she did she would be denied cum for a day. Really, they just liked the look on her face when she arrived each morning with her udders painfully full, desperate to be publicly milked into a bucket while she sucked her first cock of the day.

Eventually, the men decided it was time to find more test subjects. They knew Melissa had a pretty big-breasted housemate. “Take some of our cum home with you,” they told her, “and secretly mix it into her meals for the next three days. On the fourth day, stop, and when she starts to go into withdrawal, tell her to come to work with you the next day, completely naked, if she wants more…”


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