Louise had self-image problems. She thought she was ugly and unattractive. Her well-meaning friend Sarah, who had been learning hypnotherapy, offered Louise a session of treatment, which Louise accepted. 

“Just help me build confidence,” said Louise. “Don’t, like, change my personality or anything.” 

Sarah agreed, and decided to focus on one idea. “The more embarrassed you feel about your body,” she repeated to Louise, “the more you will want to show it off.”

Afterwards, Louise did feel a little better, so Sarah invited her to her pool party tomorrow.

When tomorrow came round, however, Louise felt nervous about her body. The nervousness drove her out to the mall, where she found herself buying a far sexier and more risqué swimsuit than she had ever owned before. She wore it, blushing with shame, to the pool party. She wanted to hunch over, to cover herself with her hands, but her conditioning made her walk straight-shouldered, tits proudly thrust outwards.

She had barely arrived, mingling among the other guests, when Sarah’s brother Jacob saw her. He was, to be honest, a little shit, and Sarah had made the mistake of telling Jacob about her hypnotherapy session with Louise. Jacob had seen the flaw in Sarah’s treatment, and so when he set eyes on Louise he immediately cried out, “Oh my god, who’s that cow with the giant whorish fuckbags? They’re so huge, I bet she moos when you squeeze them.” 

Louise went a deep crimson with humiliation. She felt an overpowering urge to cross her arms over her tits and run away, crying. But all that urge did was trigger her new conditioning, and to her horror she found herself pulling her swimsuit off her shoulders and down her body to bare her breasts in front of all her friends.  

“Please,” she begged, “please don’t look at me,” even as she raised her arms above her head and jutted her tits out. 

There was some laughter among the guests, that only made her more ashamed. And then she realised with horror that her cunt was getting wet from the humiliation. A second wave of shame went through her… and she choked with degradation as she understood that she was about to respond to that shame by taking off the rest of her bathing suit and using her fingers to spread her pussy open so that everyone could see just how wet she was…


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