The AirBNB accommodation was run by a conservative Christian man. He didn’t object to lesbians staying with him, but he did ask that they not have sex on premises. He made guests sign a rather extensive document specifying that, among other things, if they had lesbian sex within the guest rooms, they consented to being sexually used by their host to compensate for his sexual arousal, to being disciplined by their host to help them see the error of their ways, and for pornographic images of them to be created and sold by the host to pay damages for their breach of contract.

Chloe and Jaslene happily signed the contract. They read it and understood the terms, but thought it was something of a joke. They thought he was an eccentric, and didn’t take into account that he was possibly representative of his small community.

They stopped thinking it was a joke that night when their host broke down their door to find them locked in a slutty nude 69 on their bed. He was flanked by two police officers, one holding a thick leather belt and the other holding a camera, and the shocked girls realised that they were going to be held to every last clause of that contract…


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